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City of San Antonio
100 Military Plaza, San Antonio, TX, 78205

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City of San Antonio

$2,262 on 1/2/2013

Memory Game; Monopoly Game; battleship; Guess Who?; Connect Four; Yellow Poster board 48x200; Orange Poster Board 48x200; Green Poster Board 48x200; Blue Poster Board 48x20...

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City of San Antonio

$386 on 12/17/2012

Craft Fluffs; Spectrum Thetherball Soft; Glitter Alpha Beads; Embroidery Floss; Hopscotch Mat; CraftSticks Minis; Craftsticks Budget 1000; Foam Ball 1-1/2; Foamstastic Glue...

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City of San Antonio

$499 on 10/29/2012

bordette border red; bordette border yellow; bordette border orange; bordette border pk; bordette border black; border seasonal pk 6; border sports; border spring flowers; ...

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City of San Antonio

$2,398 on 10/23/2012

crayola 200ct; chinese checkers; chutes & ladders; don't break the ice; tournament checker; sorry game; candyland game; trouble; manacala; uno card game; paper tissue 20x30

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City of San Antonio

$816 on 9/14/2012

bordette border "red"; bordette border " yellow"; bordette border "orange"; bordette border "pk"; "black" border; pk 6 sesonal border; border sports; border spring flowers;...

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City of San Antonio

$131 on 9/10/2012

art bottles; sandart seashell

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