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County of Sacramento
700 H Street , Suite 2450, Sacramento, CA, 95814

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County of Sacramento

$13,338 on 10/23/2009

R-L-R-8.0-9/5-1709; R-L-OT-4.0-9/5-1709; R-L-R-16.0-9/12-1733; R-L-OT-8.0-9/12-1733; R-L-R-8.0-9/19-1745; R-L-OT-4.0-9/19-1745; R-L-DOT-2.0-9/19-1745; R-L-R-32.0-9/26-1751;...

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County of Sacramento

$13,837 on 7/16/2009

R-L-R-24.0-5/2-1455; R-L-R-32.0-5/9-1485; R-L-R-40.0-5/16-1500; R-L-R-24.0-5/23-1512; R-L-R-24.0-5/30-1525; R-L-OT-8.3-5/30-1525; R-L-R-39.8-6/6-1546; R-L-R-40.0-6/13-1556;...

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County of Sacramento

$6,081 on 2/17/2009

M-M-R-8.0-1/10-1168; M-L-R-8.0-3/7-1314; M-M-R-8.0-1/31-1196; M-M-R-8.0-2/7-1197; M-L-R-48.0-2/14-1240; M-L-R-32.0-2/21-1259; M-L-R-32.0-2/28-1283; M-L-OT-1.5-2/28-1283

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County of Sacramento

$27,499 on 2/10/2009

R-L-R-8.0-1/3-1160*; R-M-R-8.0-1/3-1161*; R-L-R-16.0-1/3 1/10*-1165; R-M-R-16.0-1/3-1166; R-M-R-8.0-1/10-1169; R-L-R-30.5-1/10-1172; R-M-R-14.5-1/17-1177; R-L-R-32.0-1/17-1...

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3050 Fite Circle

SacramentoCA  95827 

United States

Telephone: 9169212121 Locations

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